Prym Love Magnetic Cushion Plus 9 g of Glass-Headed Pins, red


  • Square pincushion with magnetic core
  • Sturdy plastic
  • Mint with white dots
  • Contains 9 g glass-headed pins in the package


Product information

The magnetic pincushion with its fresh design from the Prym Love Collection is ideally suited for the storage of pins directly next to the sewing machine and the sewing station. Here, the needles are kept ready for all sewing jobs by the power of a magnet on the white dotted, mint-coloured surface. In the pack 9 g glass-headed pins with red heads in the size 0.6 mm x 30 mm are included. Away from the sewing unit, the magnetic pincushion is also perfect for keeping thumb tacks or staples.

Magnetic Pin Cushion with Glass Head Pins


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