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Will a Magnet Damage my Sewing Machine?

Do Magnets Damage Sewing Machines? |Abi’s Den ✂️🧵🌸 — Read on

Consider the old floppy discs and magnetic strips on older credit cards can be wiped clean, and strong magnets sat directly on a hard drive in a computer may wipe it clean, but it’s not always the case. The sewing machine doesnt have a hard drive inside it. The same fear is for usb sticks and flash drives, dongles etc..

I always think back to Breaking Bad when Walter White needs to wipe clean a laptop in a police lock up.

In order to work out the power they would need to wipe a laptop close by, they conduct an experiment on a laptop they have. The only place that may have a powerful enough magnet is in a scrap yard. In preparation, they’re told to take off belts, jewellery, piercings and put away phones and credit cards they don’t need to wipe clean.

You see Jesse holding a HDD laptop and finally they find they need to use a powerful magnetic force which can only be created using hard core equipment.

Yes, there are some dramatics on tv shows, but the point is made, you can’t just wipe clean laptops, flash drives, usb sticks, dongles or sewing machines with household magnets. The old CD is a great one to demonstrate on if you’re very worried.

The magnets used domestically around the home and in your own car mechanics kit won’t cause damage to your machine. If it did then every time mechanics went to work, or you started working in your own garage, you’d be wiping your phones. Imagine that sewing machines have a much less magnetic attraction and even less likely to become damage. I’ve no magnets more powerful than those in my tool box, white board or kids play room, and I can’t set up a strong transformer (or not interested enough to) so I can’t wipe my machine to demonstrate what you’d need, what I can say is, by my own experiments using domestic magnets like a seam guide, they will have zero impact on your sewing machine.

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