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Sewing a frilly sleeve and hemline and Discount code

To create a frilled, lettuce edge on your fabrics using your overlocker is very easy and straightforward.

simply set the machine for a rolled hem and tug on your fabric as it feeds through, the stretch caught by the tiny stitches will force the fabric to take a wavy shape as the reduced differential ratio of the feed dogs will stretch out the fabric too, creating smaller waves, aka, frills.

Insert a Woolly nylon thread in only one of the loopers, I use it in the upper looper for greatest effect. The bulky thread fills up the gaps between the stitches, giving a fuller, richer stitch that gives the end result a professional touch.

Watch the video here:

WOW! So Easy and LOOKS AMAZING! A Frilly Affair Lettuce Edge Overlock and Serger Effect! #overlocker

and grab a bargain on your woolly nylon, here:

For woolly nylon threads

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