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Puppy Dog 🐶 toy with secret insert pocket

For sewing with the kids, this has to be a simple project that the visitors can take home same day.  Babysitting for 2-3 hours doesn’t give much time to get a lot done but the kids love sewing and it’s a win win time spent.

I first drew a sketch of a dog, the outline was what I would like the dog to be shaped as when sewn, so add a seam allowance of 1cm all around the shape

Shape ears and again, and cut two squares for the pocket, not bigger than the body of the dog… then add a seam allowance.

Cut 2 body pieces 2 pockets in lining fabric 2 main ears and 2 in lining.

Lay one ear lining to ear piece, right sides together and sew around the edge, leave top open

Flip round and press

Trim off scruffy edges

Sew one pocket piece to tummy area of dog, good sides together

Lay both dog pieces good sides together, pocket laying down, outside body. Position ears between the body and pin, lining side facing body pieces

Clip curves, Flip through and Stuff

Press opening neatly down and sew closed.

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