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My New Embroidery Sewing Machine: Brother Innov-is V5

My new Brother sewing machine arrived in a huge box, luckily with a large front door it wasn’t too much of a problem. So when you do make the order, be prepared to make room, lots of room.

My Overall Review

The best thing about a new machine is the unboxing, this machine comes with oodles of extras, it’s the gift that keeps giving. There are plenty of sewing feet to make a technically detailed garment, bring together an intricately designed quilt and embroidery the most ornate of designs. Bobbin work is easier with the included extra bobbin and free motion embroidery is an absolute joy with the large flat bed space provided with the embroidery attachment.

A stunning 1950’s Red Carpet dress in Silk Charmeuse made on Brother V5

Whats in the Box?

The contents of the box includes a number of tools designed to improve your sewing skills and refine the finish to give a professional, high end polished look.

Rolled hem

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