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Fabric Flowers 🌷🌸 Mother’s Day / Easter – An Easy Project for beginners

Make these beautiful flowers 🌷 for a loved one

What you need

  1. A4 sheet of felt for stems and leaves (or any green fabric will do)

  2. 3 pieces of fabric for the tulips

  3. Stuffing

  4. Coffee stirrers – optional but these help hold flowers upright

What you’ll need

Here’s the link to watch how to make the flowers 💐

How Beginners How to make Fabric Flowers 🌷🌸

Fold the shorter side of the felt, 2.25cm to make 2cm wide stems.

Sew a 2cm width closed tube. You can use a magnetic seam guide to help you.

Trim close to the seam and clip the corner

Trim close to

the seam

Clip corner away, careful not to cut stitches

Use the tube turner to flip the stem through to the right way.


Push the pipe or straw into the stem, all the way to the closed end. Now use the stick to push the closed end of the stem back into the pipe. When you’ve managed to push a small way in, push some stuffing into the stem and then add the coffee stirrer.

As you push the stem further into the pipe using the stirrer, keep adding tiny bits of scuffing around the stirrer. Push the fabric all the way up and you have a stem.

Now make the flowers. I’m making a simple tulip 🌷 I’ve cut 2 small pieces of fabric, about 10cm square.

I’ve folded the two sheets of fabric. Straight at top and bottom, shorter at the bottom, side is a curve.

Shape looks something like this.

Sew along the two curved sides

Insert the open ended side of the stem into the wider opening of the tulip 🌷 push it far enough through so that the stem pokes out of the shorter side of the tulip. The stem should be far enough through so that stick in the stem can be felt past the tulip edge…

Bunch up the smaller opening around the stem and stick. Sew down

Turn the tulip through and insert stuffing. Leave a good space near the top opening

Flip the tulip over to its right side out

Almost fill it full with stuffing. You can add rose petals or lavender now

Fold the edge of the tulip inwards with the seams meeting in the middle. Handsew a stitch to secure them together. Secure the stitch with a slip knot.

Sew a stitch to pull the two seams together. Secure them with a knot.

Now sew a stitch in the two folded ends to pull them to the middle.

Pull the two folded ends to the middle with a stitch.

Once you have made the tulip, add a leaf. You can cut a leaf from the remaining felt. Sew it to the stem by hand or sew using the machine to the stem.

Cut out a leaf from the remaking felt

A secure stitch is all that’s needed here

Tulip 🌷

Make an odd number of flowers 💐 for a bouquet

Enjoy x 🌷💕🧵✂️

Beginners How to make Fabric Flowers 🌷🌸 Mother’s Day 🥰 Easter 🐣 Project for Kids | Abi’s Den 🌷✂️🧵

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