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Arm sling for the injured part 1 – measure and cut

Let’s make a template:

Measure the patient’s arm. … Outside elbow To tip of longest finger.

The height of the sling needs to be two thirds ⅔ of the length of arm for comfort and support.

The three year old I’m making this for has an arm length of 8 ½ inches. add the 1” box Total 9 ½” length

That translates to 24cm length

The height is ⅔ of the length. (So we’ll multiply by 2 and divide the answer by by 3) 🤓 24 x 2 =48 48/3 = 16cm

Length 24cm Height 16cm

Place the box corner for the elbow on a fold and curve the corner opposite to this.

Once the template is cut out, ready the fabric and wadding. I use organic cotton fabric. It’s natural against the skin and washable. In this instance children like cartoon fabrics but I’ve still chosen a cotton.

Use wadding that is not too thick or too warm. I’ve chosen a 2oz polyester.

Cotton batting will become too warm and an hot sweaty arm under plaster cast is very uncomfortable 😣

Here I’m cutting out the fabric first then the wadding. A rotary cutter on a self healing mat is so easy to use and gives great accuracy on curves.

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