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2018 Christmas Advent Calendar for the sewer (sewist?) This is a quick review of this year’s Christm

It’s 2018 and I’m really enjoying sewing this year. I finally have my den decorated and sorted (to a degree) making it a comfortable and inviting place for creativity to flourish.

Watch the video review here…

With Christmas coming, I’ve bought this advent calendar which I thought my daily visitors may enjoy. I have to confess,I had to take a sneak peak.If you have one and are looking forward to yours, don’t look 👀 turn away now x

Outer box
What’s Inside

So, my first impression was,”wow! What a lot of plastic, wrapped inside a lot of plastic inside a lot more plastic!” Nothing was calling to me to be loved.

A ring cutter

Then… “isn’t this pink!” I couldn’t stop laughing because I couldn’t get the scissors out, and when I finally did, they didn’t cut.

The pins were next, I find them a bit thick, I won’t be using them for fear of leaving holes in my fabric.

So really, the two items that I have found that I prefer to the others are

The embroidery scissors

but that’s something I would probably gift, I have no need for it. So, after all that, I’m not sure what I think after paying £35 for all of this. I’ve bought sewing kits much better quality than this for a lot less money. Or equally, have been found sewing kits of this quality in crackers, hotels and freebies from stands at a craft show events.

I think I might just make an empty calendar in which I can fill with good quality items, and those that my sewing friends will like.

A final note… it’s a bit disappointing that sewing companies are still churning out plastic rubbish despite the global efforts to ban single use and wasteful plastic.

I would like to see more effort from the billion dollar companies, from thread manufacturers who could use cardboard tubes, and machine companies who produce cheap plastic machines containing all plastic insides (cough! Janome) who could use a lower priced metal as an alternative. Sewers unite… ban plastic and lets go old school.

Abi x

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